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The Virtual Piano Extension is a fun tool that lets you play the piano from your browser simply by clicking the keys, or using your keyboard to play them! Have fun and recreate tunes with our free virtual piano and never miss a beat, literally.

The ultimate online virtual piano

The Piano Extension is a virtual keyboard with strong tones that sound powerful, and just like the real thing! Use the keys of your keyboard to play some of your favorite songs, or click on the piano keys. You can sound multiple keys at the same time, and even play advanced songs with the help of our free, easy to use tool.

Play songs with your keyboard

Our virtual piano can be played with any computer keyboard, practice white keys with ‘ASDF...’ and black keys with ‘QWERTY...’ - with our virtual keyboard, you can play most songs, directly from your web browser!

The best free online virtual piano

The Piano Extension truly is the ultimate free online piano - it’s a virtual keyboard featuring HD sounds and keyboard compatibility. Play with your mouse or keyboard - and show the world your piano skills.

The virtual Piano Extension - the free online piano, in your browser.

No fuss; just open your browser and start playing! Use your keyboard or mouse to play the keys.